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Restore natural healthy vaginal flora and reduce infection

US Name: Vagi-flora
European Drug Name: Vagi-flora
Active Ingredients: Lcr Regenerans
Manufacturer: Assos
Manufacturered In: France
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VagifloraAssos14 Capsules$40.00$0.00
The FDA allows the importation of up to three months supply for personal use.
A valid prescription is required to buy Vagi-flora online.
Vagi-Flora Description 

Vagi-flora are Vaginal Capsules

Lcr Regenerans, the unique and essential ingredient of Vagi-flora Vaginal Capsule, consists of the combination of lactobacillus rhamnosus Döderlein (probiotic) found naturally in the vagina and prebiotic (nutritious) ingredients.

Vagi-flora is used to regulate the vaginal flora. It shows a unique triple action against infectious agents (fungi and bacteria). Lcr Regenerans produces lactic acid, which regulates the normal pH of the vagina, forms a natural protective biofilm, covering the mucous membrane and provides a suitable environment for the development of a healthy vaginal flora
Vagi-flora Uses and Side Effects

For the regulation of vaginal flora: Over a 7-day treatment period, administer 1 capsule twice a day (one in the morning, one in the evening)

For the prevention of recurring vaginal infections: Over a period of three weeks, administer 1 capsule a day for 3 weeks.

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