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IVF Drugs - Full Product List

The list below contains the most commonly prescribed IVF drugs & fertility medications at the best prices available.

Buying fertility meds online from IVFPharmacy works out far cheaper than buying locally in the U.S. Take a look at our IVF drugs price comparison chart to see how much money you could save on your fertility meds.

If the drug you require does not appear on the list below, please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.
US Drug
ManufacturerStrength SizePrice
AspirinAspirinGSK100mg28 Tablets$10.00
AygestinPrimolut NorSchering Plough5mg20 Tablets$10.00
BravelleBravelleFerringVariousVariousClick For Details
CetrotideCetrotideSerono0.25mg1 Vial$57.00
CiproVariousVariousVarious10 TabletsClick For Details
Crinone GelCrinone GelSerono8 %15 Gel Packs$75.00
DecapeptylDecapeptylFerringVariousVariousClick For Details
Depo-ProveraDepo-ProveraPfizer150mg1 Vial$14.00
DexamethasoneDexamethazoneRekahVariousVariousClick For Details
DianeDianeBayer2mg / 0.035mg21 Tablets$20.00
ElonvaElonvaMSDVarious1 VialClick For Details
EndometrinEndometrinFerring100mg30 Pessaries$78.00
100mg45 Pessaries$100.00
EstraceVariousVariousVarious28 TabletsClick For Details
Estrogel OestrogelBesins0.06%1 Tube$10.00
FemaraVariousVarious2.5mg30 TabletsClick For Details
FollistimPuregonOrganon300 IU1 Cartridge$160.00
600 IU1 Cartridge$320.00
900 IU1 Cartridge$470.00
Follistim PenPuregon PenOrganonReusable1 Pen$15.00
FragminFragminPfizerVarious10 VialsClick For Details
GanirelixOrgalutranOrganon0.25 mg/0.5 ml1 Vial$57.00
GlucophageVariousVariousVariousVariousClick For Details
Gonal FGonal FSerono300IU1 Pen$160.00
450IU1 Pen$240.00
900IU1 Pen$470.00
GynorestDuphastonSolvay10 mg42 Tablets$30.00
LovenoxClexaneSanofi-AventisVariousVariousClick For Details
LupronVariousAbbottVarious1 VialClick For Details
Lupron 2 WeekLupron 2 WeekAbbottVariousVariousClick For Details
LuverisLuverisSerono75 IU1 Vial$61.00
MedrolMedrolPfizer4 mg30 Tablets$10.00
MenopurMenopurFerring75 IU10 Vials$350.00
Novarel, HcGPregnylOrganonVariousVariousClick For Details
OvidrelOvitrelle Serono250 mcg1 Vial$82.00
PergoverisPergoverisSeronoVarious1 PenClick For Details
PraminPraminRafa10mg30 Tablets$10.00
PrednisonePrednisoneRekahVariousVariousClick For Details
Progesterone in OilGestoneFerringVariousVariousClick For Details
ProgylutonProgylutonBayer2mg / 0.5mg21 Tablets$15.00
PrometriumUtrogestanBesinsVariousVariousClick For Details
RepronexRepronexFerring75 IU10 Vials$350.00
SaizenSaizenSeronoVariousVariousClick For Details
Synarel SpraySynarel SprayPfizer2 mg/ml (8ml bottle)1 Bottle$236.00
VibramycinDoxylinDexxon100mg10 Tablets$10.00
YasminYasminSchering Plough3mg/0.03mgVariousClick For Details
YazVariousBayer3mg / 0.02mgVariousClick For Details
ZithromaxVariousVarious250mgVariousClick For Details
ZoladexZoladexAstra ZenecaVarious1 VialClick For Details
IVFPharmacy is a legitimate online fertility pharmacy. We only sell brand fertility medications – the best quality IVF meds manufactured by global pharmaceutical companies and certified by the FDA and the Israeli Ministry of Health. We do not sell generic alternatives or cheap, low-quality meds from India or China, and yet our prices are much cheaper than those in the U.S. In addition, we guarantee that our meds have long expiration dates (and at very least 6 months).
All our fertility meds are dispensed in their original unopened boxes and according to FDA personal importation guidelines. The fertility medications that we dispense are essentially the same as those sold in the U.S, but there are occasionally some differences, including:
Brand Name: Some IVF drugs are sold under different brand names in different countries. For example, Follistim, made by Ferring goes by the name of Puregon in Europe.
Language: The main language on the packaging may vary, but the package insert will always contain IVF drug information in English.
Quantity: In the U.S a box of your fertility medication may contain 10 pills while in Germany it includes 15 and in Israel 28. For this reason, we always list the number of pills / vials / syringes being purchased and not the number of boxes.
Packaging: Occasionally the IVF drugs are packaged differently than in the U.S. For example, in the U.S Endometrin vaginal suppository comes with disposable applicators. Outside the U.S Endometrin is sold with a reusable applicator.
Significant differences are listed on the relevant drug page as you create your order.
With over 12 years of experience as a specialist pharmacy dedicated to great service and outstanding value, you can be confident that you are in safe hands when purchasing your fertility medications from IVFPharmacy.
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