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Chantall S.
December 21,2015
Can't recommend this company highly enough!
They answered all our questions professionally and quickly and then had prices that were better than anything else we'd looked at. To top it all, they called to check if we knew an attempt had been made to deliver and to make sure we had received our order.
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Liana M
December 24,2013
Very impressive. Good service
So impressed with what you get for the best prices I could find. Not only was delivery very fast, but the people I spoke with were very genuine and helpful. Not pushy like other places.
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Nicole S
January 23,2014
Professionally run
Very knowledgable customer services helped me with the ordering and with questions I had with some of the drugs (storage and injection) after I received my order.
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A. W.
January 21,2014
Great prices!
We were about to pay double for my Follistim prescription until my doctor mentioned your site. The price seemed too good to be true - we couldn't believe our eyes. Thank you
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Gillian H
May 08,2014
Everything arrived in time and was well packaged. No complaints and very happy with the savings.
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